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Workshops and Conferences

During the 33 months of the project there will be three major Network Workshops, at which Network members will convene with the core team to present and discuss work in progress.  Each two-day Workshop will include a Scientific Perspectives section, at which scientific colleagues will present research relevant to the project’s concerns.  Each Workshop will embrace work from both streams of the project.

There will also be two rather smaller Interim Workshops, when the core team will be joined by a select group of Network members. 

The project will conclude with a major International Conference devoted to the topics of both streams of the project.

Project Seminars

Throughout the project the core team will meet during semesters for twice-weekly Project Seminars, one per stream.  Seminars will be devoted to presentation of and feedback on work in progress, discussion of relevant books and articles, and project planning.  Seminar schedules and minutes of seminar discussion are available to project members through log-on.

Public Engagement Events

To enable a wider public to engage with the issues discussed in the project and the course of our research we will hold a series of Public Lectures given by senior members of the project and its Network. 

In addition a Café Philosophique will be established in Stirling, providing a relaxed setting for project members to explain their research to the general public, followed by informal, small-group discussion.