Public Lecture 5: Professor Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (University of British Columbia)

Wednesday 11 December 2019, at 5.30-7.00

The Court Room, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling

Professor Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (University of British Columbia)

Scepticism, Rape Culture, and Oppression

Questions about knowledge are very practical questions. When you know something, that makes a big difference in how you should respond to it. Abstract philosophical arguments about knowledge, like those involving radical sceptical scenarios, sometimes obscure this important connection. In this talk, I’ll draw parallels between classical sceptical arguments — like the “brain in a vat” hypothesis, or the worry that you might just be dreaming all of your current experiences — and more conspicuously practical and political sceptical arguments — like the argument that you shouldn’t act on a rape victim’s complaint without independent corroboration. Scepticism, I’ll suggest, is often used as a powerful tool against proactive steps towards reform.

The lecture will be preceded by a brief reception from 5.00-5.30.
Attendance is free and open to all.

Poster for the event.

For directions to the venue, please check the campus map here The Court Room is easily accessed from the main entrance to the on the Cottrell (19).

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